Just a few days ago I started a new project called SupaCore. This project contains an API for accessing anything related to Minecraft, entites, blocks, worlds, etc. If you've used Bukkit's API, think of SupaCore's API as the Bukkit's API.

The design behind the API is based not only on multiplayer servers but also singleplayer "servers", for example, a Single Player world on a client using MinecraftForge.

I plan to stream for as long as I feel like streaming over at www.twitch.tv/supaaham feel free to join, and don't hesistate to ask questions, and obviously don't hesistate to argue a point if you think it's worth arguing. I live in London, England (GMT+0). I'll try to stream from atleast 5pm to whenever I can. I can get a tad bit noisy at night. But, since yesterday was a success, with mostly just ONE viewer (myself), I really liked doing it regardless. I do talk to myself which is the good part, so you get to see how mentally ill I am, but on a more serious note, I hope to save these casts and use them in the future.

The reason I decided to stream was because I decided to make this project Open Source. The idea was not to make this project source but after reading and using Google's coding conventions for Java, this quote popped up

What is important is that each class order its members in some logical order, which its maintainer could explain if asked.

which its maintainer could explain if asked really got to me, I've always had the goal of becoming the next Gates or Zuckerberg and so the first step is to show the world my skills (open source code). Whether or not that'll happen is not exactly the point, the point is to stay positive and do your best to achieve that. This is the first time I'll be saying anything like this but,

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
- Albert Einstein

My whole life on the internet, I've taught myself how to figure out problems myself. Google is my backbone, Google is how I teach myself things, Google is the reason I can do what I do today. Google is love, Google is life.

I will not be going to college this year due to "failing" and so I have nothing better to do than what I do best, self educate. I look forward to yet another year of teaching myself anything I want to learn. I have yet to come across a teacher who is inspiring enough to give me a reason to try harder for schooling.

I'm already having financial issues, but this shouldn't stop me from achieving my goals. I'm looking for work, if you're looking for talent in Java, feel free to contact me (Top right hand corner of the page).

As for now, my current goal is to finish development on SupaCore and get a Minecraft server going and whilst gaining experience, I will be able to gain money from it as well. Before you start thinking that I'm some money whore, I've been around the Minecraft community for over 3 years now, and I've barely made that much money from it, even though its the only time I've earned money for work. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this.

Come say Hi! over at www.twitch.tv/supaaham