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Digital technologies of the future!

As you might know, Google I/O 2016 started on the 18th of May. Being one of the biggest tech companies in the world, a lot is expected from Google and so far I've heard nothing but great proposals. In this blog I'll mostly focus on MR (Mixed Reality) and

Java codestyle: Calling `this`.method()

Computer code plays an important role in our every day lives. To some, code would be the equivalent of a spy, it's right in front of them but they're just unaware of its existence. However, in order to maintain order and peace between nations of angry coders, software developers must

Coding becoming second nature

Yesterday in college, I presented a seminar about 'The level of knowledge teenagers and young adults have with programming or instructing computers to do things'. In this presentation I said aloud "I believe programming will become second nature in years to come", maybe a decade. Although it was

Streaming some coding and Personal Life

Just a few days ago I started a new project called SupaCore. This project contains an API for accessing anything related to Minecraft, entites, blocks, worlds, etc. If you've used Bukkit's API, think of SupaCore's API as the Bukkit's API. The design behind the API is based not only on

PlayerNames Bukkit plugin and API

Minecraft hasĀ (apparently) made plans for supporting username changes for a while. While this change is going to make a lot of the Minecraft community's life easier, it really is a big pain in the ass for developers, I'll talk a little more about this later. Sk89q made a great

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